Although this game is still fully in development, some playable demo's have been released for the Openpandora Console, for which it is primarily designed, and for Windows, the latest linux build is very old currently, i might take a look soon.

Beta download Here for Windows and Pandora. Main 1 player game is fully playable, the arcade and 2 player versions are beta. Also some placeholder graphics in the main menu and selection screens atm.


Panjoust started as a joust type minigame for PandoraPanic! Then i had the idea to add horizontal scrolling, giving it completely new gameplay. Somehow the early video's i made caught the attention of some young, but very skilled, graphics and music artists, giving Panjoust a major boost in attractiveness and atmosphere, as well as new gameplay ideas with graphics to match.

Now recently focus has been on getting the gameplay upgraded, since that had been more on the background with all the new graphics input and level design options.
So the behaviour of the enemies is much better already, they have customisable x and y ranges and detection ranges. Especially the wasps are far more vicious than before.
Lastly i've been working on an Arcade Mode, and 2 player modes. Both shaping up quite nice already


Music: Nick May

Graphics: Amigo Bandito (menu, backgrounds and more), Siegfried Croes (Birdriders), Monk (Dragon and wasps)

Sounds: MrTlikesRobots

Penjin Framework: PokeParadox and Pirate Games

Game Code and general development by me, MarkoeZ