At the moment, my projects can be divided into 2 categories: Microcontroller/Electronic projects, and Software Projects, primarily aimed at the OpenPandora so far.

Microcontroller/Electronics Projects

  • The Scrapcopter - An Arduino Controlled Homebuilt Quadcopter. The frame is built from old computer video cards and networkcards.
  • Bluetooth Front Door Lock - with MSP430
    Got tired of the breaking keys, so decided to build a bluetooth solution 
  • Ultra Low Power Led Screen from MSP430 and Worklamp. Serial input working, command codes following
  • MSP430 Launchpad and RC Porsche: A Video Blog
    My learning progress is documented there. Might be useful to other newbies so i tried to video most of the major advances, and some other relevant stuff. This is the first project, so tried to keep it reasonably simple. But the video's feature serial connection, shift register leds, OpenPandora Gui, bluetooth module test, PC-Soundcard oscilloscope hack, and more.

My Own Software Projects:

Ports to Pandora:

  • Crimson Fields. Turn based strategy game, capable of loading converted battle isle maps.
  • LinCity. Similar to the first simcity, but definitely not the same. 
  • Rick Dangerous. Well, if you don't know that classic, go google, now. And visit the project page afterwards ;)

Minigames for PandoraPanic!: