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Started a Minecraft Server - Shipwreck

Posted by admin on October 2, 2011

A couple of weeks ago i started hosting a minecraft server. The idea was: Start with the Shipwreck seed (a single island with a single tree), plant a couple more trees from the saplings of the first tree, one shelter, invite players, and see how far we get. Pretty far it turned out.

Full story after the break, but first of all a video overview of the progres made:

History and Overview:

First we made the main island suitable for multiple players, by creating food and tree farms. Also players started building their houses and the first projects there. There is still room available if you want your first house there.

Since main island is not that big though, expansion started. Some people got together and built the bridge to the first (desert) island. On that island was an NPC village, that is now transforming into a full village, with lots of player built structures. There are plots if you want a house, talk to Abelvroegop, willemvanweer or me. I also started my private project there, a sandcastle. If you have not seen it in the youtube video yet, you should :) I will be having public residences there, but not yet.

Next a bridge to Hook Island was built (if you visit it, you will understand the name). Work started on a village, but so far only leveling has been done. So oportunities there. I built a house hanging from a rock overhang on that island, looking pretty nice i think.

Finally, there is the 4th island, so far only and underground base has been established by PokeParadox, but it is slowly growing into an underground city. So if you like your home there, talk to him or me.

Oh, and a tiiiiny island with bridge is present, but pretty impressive underground base there. Private domain of one of the players though.

The server is open, but there are rules. Most important: only build on islands a bridge is connected to. But please read ALL the signs in the spawn area.

Server Rules

Not many, but these can result in instant ban:

* No use of Fire, lava or TNT of any of the main Islands. If you want to experiment, travel away a bit

* Don't change existing structures without the owner or OP approval (griefing)

* PVP is off, but no Burying, Setting on fire, or Pushing off cliffs.

Gameplay Rules

No ban, but please:

* Only build on islands a bridge is connected to

* If you find a new interesting island, build a bridge to it before building

* On the main islands you are allowed to build anywhere you like, but please keep a respectful distance from existing structures. Ask an OP when in doubt.

* Cut a tree, plant a tree. Harvest wheat, place a seed. Etc.

* When collecting dirt/sand on the surface, scrape off layers and make it blend into the terrain. No big square ugly holes plz.

Thats about it, most important: Enjoy! 

And those with griefing/burning/destroying thoughts:  multiple backups every hour, and i can easily kick/ban. So don't take the effort.


Posted by Soybeans on
Hey MarkoeZ I was wondering when part 2 was coming out
Posted by admin on
There are already updates on my Youtube Channel:
youtube.com/machinemarkoez. Just subscribe there to keep up to date :)
Posted by Soybeans on
Yo MarkoeZ it's Soy. Well I thought you might appreciate the design of this minecart station i found on Youtube. It's compact and I hope you like it because I do! :)
Posted by Soybeans on
Dammit I forgot to put the URL... Here you are MarkoeZ : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIU61XOR50U&feature=channel_video_title
Posted by Randombob1 on
hey mark its Randombob1 when is ur server going to be up its been down for a long time

Randombob1 :)
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