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Panjoust progress And playtesting a game by B-Zar

Posted by admin on September 22, 2010

Panjoust progress, And playtesting a game by B-Zar


Hiya, Panjoust is improving!
I got backgrounds rendering properly for Pandora OpenGL_ES (PokeParadox: Thanks again for PenjinES!). Also more cosmetic issues fixed. So its almost time to make some new levels (they will probably be playability drafts of some final-game levels, low detail, but challenging :) and put out a second beta demo.
Hardware Optimised Panjoust Baby ;)

Another thing i've been doing: Testing a great new Online Multiplayer Turn Based Strategy Game
Created by B-Zar (among others?), plays a bit like Advance Wars (Game Boy Advance or Emu). It's very enjoyable already, and browser based, so should run on about anything.
I will definately post a link here when public beta opens :)
2010/09/22 22:00 · Mark Uitterdijk


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