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New Project: Led Screen from Scrap Ledlamp

Posted by admin on October 31, 2011

I received a broken Led Lamp. Broken as in not usable, but all leds were fine.

So what i did was resolder all the leds in to common row anodes and common column cathodes.
2 74hc595 Shiftregisters drive the columns. The main board supports up to 16 columns now, i have led boards for 12, and 8 connected in the video.
The rows are sinked through transistors triggered by the MSP430.

Latest video here, for more click the Full Post.

So whats up to do:

* Add serial communication, over line and/or bluetooth
* Add full font
* Add clock crystal or dedicated RTC for clock mode
* Add menu to switch between modes.

Enough to do :)

Anyway, below the earlier video's, starting with the introduction:


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