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New Panjoust Executables

Posted by admin on October 9, 2010

updates about the windows builds

New Panjoust Windows Executable

OK, for anyone that wants to try the beta 2 player modes:
New Windows Executable
With improved keyboard layout, no crossing arms anymore

It's now just up/left/right for player one, and Z/X for left/right and S for flight for player two. Should also map nicely to Pandora buttons, but that build has some issues.

Just replace the old exe, or let them both there, whatever
2010/10/09 22:00 · Mark Uitterdijk

Panjoust Playable Windows Beta

New Playable snapshot!
It still has some small cosmetic issues. But i think enough has improved to make the playing experience more interesting for both newb and expert players.

The changes since the last version:
- enemies now detect and chase you when you get close
- difficulty settings added, wussy, normal, hard and insane. Wingflaps, timelimit and scoring adjusted per level. Wingflap limit completely removed in Wussy mode.
- Levels for main game updated, and levels 3 and 5 made considerably larger, more coming
- very raw arcade mode
- very beta 2 player (arcade is most optimised currently) on pc use Q/W for left/right and A for flapping

Install: Download the file, extract on your windows pc or to a pandora SD in the folder of your choice, and execute the appropriate executable.

Panjoust Windows Playable Beta
2010/10/07 22:00 · Mark Uitterdijk



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