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MSP430 RC Porsche Knightrider effect using a Shiftregister

Posted by admin on July 23, 2011

This post will be explaining the Knightrider effected i created for the porsche i'm hacking up.
First of all the video so you know what we are talking about:


More info after the break


I started by drilling 5 holes in the front bumper of the porsche, using a Dremel with drill head. Fortunately i had a drill perfectly sized for the small leds i wanted to have in there. They could be pushed in there and would still stay stuck with a bit of shaking. I did cover the back of the leds in hot glue, as they might take a bump or 2 when the car starts driving around.

I simply bent all of the grounds of the leds to one point, and soldered them and a plugin ground wire together.

Next up was the shiftregister board, i just could not get a sharper image of the small thing with my webcam or phone, but this is how it looks seperated from the car.

Note that the led is not standard sized, but a smaller type. That should indicate the size of the whole thing.

Basically i followed the schematic posted below from the official TI site. They have a nice topic on a shiftregister and the MSP430. And combined with a datasheet of the shiftregister to verify the actual pinouts ofcourse. Then i added the header pins for the led connections and the other 3 outputs i also plan to use (or 11, 2 shiftregisters is just as easy)

And finally ofcourse the code.

Once again, this is not optimized or anything yet, just my own first testcode. It also has the MSPG2252 header, but i think there is no code in there preventing it to "just work" on an g2231 if you change the header.  You can download it here.

That about sums it up, but if you have questions, additions or general comments, dont hesitate to post them!



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