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Minecraft Secret Stairway 2.0

Posted by admin on August 1, 2011

The PirateGames Minecraft server is finally back in the hands of the original hoster , PokeParadox (who has been abroad to Chile to be present at his sons birth, grats again!), my machine was just not reliable enough to properly host a server. So finally a good opportunity to continue the development of the disappearing entrance stairs.

Video and details in the full post 

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Basically, every piston on the top and bottom has a row of repeaters/delays on them. One more for each step, and set at max delay.

Then i added a T Flip Flop, and 2 buttons to it, so it could be properly opened and closed from both sides. If you need help on redtone circuitry, i suggest you start here: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Redstone_circuits

Finally, PokeParadox added the glowstone ceiling of the stairway, on a PVP server you would want something more durable ofcourse. He also covered up the whole electonics circuitry to look natural, great job!

And on pvp, i noticed the gap between the blocks when closed from the bottom and first wanted to correct that.But then i figured, if an attack happens, you could hack away the lowest block and start firing arrows betwteen the gap at you enemy thats trying to hack away at the obstructing blocks Smile

Not that that's an issue here, non stealing/griefing/pvp server with loads of public chests. Also taking applications from mature players btw, it's a bit empty at times. 



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