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Graphics Wanted

Posted by admin on October 12, 2010

Well, i held this off as long as possible. But im going to need another graphics guy or gal.

I'm not talking about anything elaborate like animated characters (although always welcome ; ), but i need someone to design new main menu buttons, level editor buttons, mouse cursor, etc etc...
Unfortunately i have no mail/msn/whatever adress of Amigo Bandito (and he has not visited any of the fora recently). Way too much has changed for the current buttons to suffice. I made some for the difficulty settings from an old template made by Amigo, looking acceptable i think (bit dull perhaps), but decent ones for the main menu, with selection highlights and matching the background, is just a bit beyond my capabilities. Something in the current style would be great, but i'm always up for pleasant surprises :)

It won't be a lot of work after the initial load, but i could really use someone that has (half) an hour (or more) available every week for a while, lot's of small stuff comes up while developing.
So if you have the time, skill, and would like to join Panjoust and work with the Pirates (arrr, ahum ; ), contact me at: typesomethinghere@markoez.com

Amigo, if you are reading this:
Contact me! Also, you will still be listed as, and are still considered, a main contributor.
Backgrounds, porks, cages and clouds are staying solid ;)
2010/10/12 22:00 · Mark Uitterdijk


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