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Crimson Fields Ported to Pandora

Posted by admin on September 12, 2010

Ported Crimson Fields to Pandora

Crimson Fields Update (still beta)

Been working, new beta. Starts fullscreen now, and saves properly. If you want to add levels, battle isle converted ones for instance, put them in “appdata/crimson/levels/”. It will generate the crimson folderthe first time you launch the game. crimsonfields0.2.pnd (1.39 MiB) If you downloaded the first beta, it's wise to delete the crimson folder in appdata before copying this version. Should still run, just some redundant files.
2010/09/14 04:43 · Mark Uitterdijk 

Crimson Fields for Pandora

A beta of Crimson Fields for Pandora, should work pretty decent. crimsonfields.pnd (1.39)
2010/09/11 21:35 · Mark Uitterdijk


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