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Well Welcome Back

Posted by admin on November 11, 2009

Well welcome back,

it's been a while so an entry is in place. A new minigame has been made in the meanwhile! Maze.

It's based on the engine for Jumper, but modified for a more basic maze like interaction. Ofcourse eleminating gravity. The goal is to make a very fast paced maze game, starting slow at low levels, but you get more speed in higher levels, to take other routes to evade the ghosts, as there will be more of them later on. Graphics are all by me (and it shows :P ) as well as the coding and stuff. but it plays well i think

Progress is going well, most major bugs are dealt with. Some animation might be nice, but i'd probably need an artist for that. Anyone up for it? ;) Also the pxml file has been updated and put into place. Now working on the backgrounds for all my games, and tuning maze.
2009/11/11 04:46 · Mark Uitterdijk


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