DIY LedScreen from Worklamp and MSP430 - Part 2

Posted by admin on November 9, 2011


I've been updating the software of the DIY ledscreen, and started an endurance test! The screen with 40 leds you see in the video below has been running for  a week and 48 hours EDIT: Almost 3 MONTHS now, although only readable with lights off /EDIT, on 2 cheap double A batteries. If you are not into Electronics, programming or microcontrollers, just watch the video and skip the post below ;) Otherwise, I hope its somewhat helpful!

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New Project: Led Screen from Scrap Ledlamp

Posted by admin on October 31, 2011

I received a broken Led Lamp. Broken as in not usable, but all leds were fine.

So what i did was resolder all the leds in to common row anodes and common column cathodes.
2 74hc595 Shiftregisters drive the columns. The main board supports up to 16 columns now, i have led boards for 12, and 8 connected in the video.
The rows are sinked through transistors triggered by the MSP430.

Latest video here, for more click the Full Post.

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Started a Minecraft Server - Shipwreck

Posted by admin on October 2, 2011

A couple of weeks ago i started hosting a minecraft server. The idea was: Start with the Shipwreck seed (a single island with a single tree), plant a couple more trees from the saplings of the first tree, one shelter, invite players, and see how far we get. Pretty far it turned out.

Full story after the break, but first of all a video overview of the progres made:

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Pandora and MSP430 Controlled Car

Posted by admin on September 1, 2011

Hi everyone!

i entered a Project of the month contest on, hence the silence lately. But this is what i've been working on:

My Contest Entry:

A Porsche Model Car with an MSP430G2252, movement, speed and (just for fun) shiftregister LEDs controlled over usb Serial by a Pandora Console.
With custom written Gui, And Touchscreen, D-Pad and ActionButton drive/program select.
And yes, wireless is next, but still deciding what hardware i want.

But the Video's show it pretty well, Enjoy!

Read the full post for schematics, part list, code and more

Drive Tests:

Software overview and Final tests before drive:


Component Overview:

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I received my EZ430-Chronos watch by Texas Intruments yesterday. 

This blog post contains my first impressions and an overview of the kit, but also a quick start guide / tutorial video how to start hacking the firmware with the CD-supplied Code Composer Studio, code size limited version. (see the video at the bottom of the full post)

Now for those that don't know it, it's not the prettiest or smallest watch around, but i personally don't think it's ugly (as some people on the net seem to think).

But for a Geek/Hacker like me, it's an awesome toy, expecially at the 50% off deal they offered last week. Because it is completely user programable, has an accelerometer, and best of all: wireless communication. 

First of all a short video showing the watch and the additions i made to the firmware last night. Not really impressive yet but, like i said, i only received it yesterday afternoon. And in case you are wondering: 43oh is the forum and site i visit frequently and is (among others) about the family of processors that is powering the watch. I also added the blablaa ofcourse :)

Click on "Read full post" for the rest of the info and a guide/tutorial on how i did this small hack.

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Silence during contest entry, and new download page

Posted by admin on August 23, 2011

Well it's been a bit silent here, but that's because i'm hard at work getting things ready for a contest. Drawing schematics, soldering the last connections, and refining code :) But won't say too much yet before the revealing of the project.

Other news, i added a Downloads Section to the site. Pretty basic for now, but will be updated a lot in the near future. So don't hesitate to comment with suggestions or other feedback.


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As the title says, the first drive tests!!, but also a:

DISCLAIMER: The video is pretty dark since it was recorded using my mobile (play it fullscreen for a bit more clarity).

And the robot is pretty stupid, or at least near sighted, since the IR sensor is detecting the obstacles, but pretty late (it slams into them first ;) )  But that was expected.

It will be optimized eventually (read full post), and also the actual sensing code, and general use of delays will be recalibrated and optimized a bit more. Here are the very first drive tests, as mentioned, recorded on a mobile phone:

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We at PirateGames, PokeParadox, Me, MarkoeZ, and some unconfirmed members, have started work on a new Android Project!

A game this time.

Unlike the first project, this will be completely thought up, designed and produced by the Pirate Games Team itself, so expect regular teasers/updates.

At this point i don't want to reveal anything yet beside the news that a project has started, since we are still in the planning/early coding stages. But be sure to come back and check, i will try and post regular updates of the progress.


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Minecraft Secret Stairway 2.0

Posted by admin on August 1, 2011

The PirateGames Minecraft server is finally back in the hands of the original hoster , PokeParadox (who has been abroad to Chile to be present at his sons birth, grats again!), my machine was just not reliable enough to properly host a server. So finally a good opportunity to continue the development of the disappearing entrance stairs.

Video and details in the full post 

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MSP430 Serial PWM using one timer and WDT

Posted by admin on July 31, 2011

Ok, i got pwm and serial working properly together.
That means i can dim leds, and control motor speeds.

Complete explanation with code, and Youtube video in the full post.

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