This is my Blog and Projects site. The blog has msp430 microcontroller writeups, a description of the pandora video out port, some image collections, and some more. (although not updated for a while). 

My projects can be listed in these categories:

* Game Development and Programming - example: Panjoust Development Video, Youtube

* Microcontroller Projects - example: Bluetooth Front Door Lock - Using MSP430

* Quadcopters - example: Quadcopter FPV Testflight (Crappy camera atm)

* Game Ports to Linux Arm - example: Crimson Fields port for Pandora

If you have questions, additions, comments or constructive critics: don't hesitate to mail me @ markoez dot com (copy and remove spaces works) or post in the topic itself


last week i heard about the MSP430 Launchpad. It's a microcontroller development/test board by Texas Instruments that connects to your pc through usb. Weirdly enough it sells for only 4 dollars and 30 cents, and that includes free software, and even shipping!

MarkoeZ MSP430 Launchpad Video's Part 1: Audio Intro

I don't have a creditcard though (nor desire one), so i ordered it local. Slightly more expensive, but i received it about 36 hours after ordering it. So pretty nice.
The goal for this project will be a modded rc car that is controlled by the OpenPandora (www.openpandora.org for those that do not know it), for which i've recieved the ext connectors today.

Click below for actual Video's 


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Pim Kokx will be launching a new Clothing Label: Punchline StreetWear.

Release Party @ The Studio, Tilburg. 

VJ MarkoeZ Will be performing there. Attempting big ass setup

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Android and Panjoust Updates

Posted by admin on April 11, 2011

The Android project is shaping up nice, and also work on Panjoust is continued.

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