This is my Blog and Projects site. The blog has msp430 microcontroller writeups, a description of the pandora video out port, some image collections, and some more. (although not updated for a while). 

My projects can be listed in these categories:

* Game Development and Programming - example: Panjoust Development Video, Youtube

* Microcontroller Projects - example: Bluetooth Front Door Lock - Using MSP430

* Quadcopters - example: Quadcopter FPV Testflight (Crappy camera atm)

* Game Ports to Linux Arm - example: Crimson Fields port for Pandora

If you have questions, additions, comments or constructive critics: don't hesitate to mail me @ markoez dot com (copy and remove spaces works) or post in the topic itself


Started a Minecraft Server - Shipwreck

Posted by admin on October 2, 2011

A couple of weeks ago i started hosting a minecraft server. The idea was: Start with the Shipwreck seed (a single island with a single tree), plant a couple more trees from the saplings of the first tree, one shelter, invite players, and see how far we get. Pretty far it turned out.

Full story after the break, but first of all a video overview of the progres made:

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Pandora and MSP430 Controlled Car

Posted by admin on September 1, 2011

Hi everyone!

i entered a Project of the month contest on www.43oh.com, hence the silence lately. But this is what i've been working on:

My Contest Entry:

A Porsche Model Car with an MSP430G2252, movement, speed and (just for fun) shiftregister LEDs controlled over usb Serial by a Pandora Console.
With custom written Gui, And Touchscreen, D-Pad and ActionButton drive/program select.
And yes, wireless is next, but still deciding what hardware i want.

But the Video's show it pretty well, Enjoy!

Read the full post for schematics, part list, code and more

Drive Tests:

Software overview and Final tests before drive:


Component Overview:

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I received my EZ430-Chronos watch by Texas Intruments yesterday. 

This blog post contains my first impressions and an overview of the kit, but also a quick start guide / tutorial video how to start hacking the firmware with the CD-supplied Code Composer Studio, code size limited version. (see the video at the bottom of the full post)

Now for those that don't know it, it's not the prettiest or smallest watch around, but i personally don't think it's ugly (as some people on the net seem to think).

But for a Geek/Hacker like me, it's an awesome toy, expecially at the 50% off deal they offered last week. Because it is completely user programable, has an accelerometer, and best of all: wireless communication. 

First of all a short video showing the watch and the additions i made to the firmware last night. Not really impressive yet but, like i said, i only received it yesterday afternoon. And in case you are wondering: 43oh is the forum and site i visit frequently and is (among others) about the family of processors that is powering the watch. I also added the blablaa ofcourse :)

Click on "Read full post" for the rest of the info and a guide/tutorial on how i did this small hack.

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