This is my Blog and Projects site. The blog has msp430 microcontroller writeups, a description of the pandora video out port, some image collections, and some more. (although not updated for a while). 

My projects can be listed in these categories:

* Game Development and Programming - example: Panjoust Development Video, Youtube

* Microcontroller Projects - example: Bluetooth Front Door Lock - Using MSP430

* Quadcopters - example: Quadcopter FPV Testflight (Crappy camera atm)

* Game Ports to Linux Arm - example: Crimson Fields port for Pandora

If you have questions, additions, comments or constructive critics: don't hesitate to mail me @ markoez dot com (copy and remove spaces works) or post in the topic itself


Bluetooth Door Lock

Posted by admin on January 13, 2012

The keys to my front door kept breaking off, so, just like everyone would, i built a bluetooth door opener :)

More video's and explanation in the full blog post, click below

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DIY LedScreen from Worklamp and MSP430 - Part 2

Posted by admin on November 9, 2011


I've been updating the software of the DIY ledscreen, and started an endurance test! The screen with 40 leds you see in the video below has been running for  a week and 48 hours EDIT: Almost 3 MONTHS now, although only readable with lights off /EDIT, on 2 cheap double A batteries. If you are not into Electronics, programming or microcontrollers, just watch the video and skip the post below ;) Otherwise, I hope its somewhat helpful!

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New Project: Led Screen from Scrap Ledlamp

Posted by admin on October 31, 2011

I received a broken Led Lamp. Broken as in not usable, but all leds were fine.

So what i did was resolder all the leds in to common row anodes and common column cathodes.
2 74hc595 Shiftregisters drive the columns. The main board supports up to 16 columns now, i have led boards for 12, and 8 connected in the video.
The rows are sinked through transistors triggered by the MSP430.

Latest video here, for more click the Full Post.

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