This is my Blog and Projects site. The blog has msp430 microcontroller writeups, a description of the pandora video out port, some image collections, and some more. (although not updated for a while). 

My projects can be listed in these categories:

* Game Development and Programming - example: Panjoust Development Video, Youtube

* Microcontroller Projects - example: Bluetooth Front Door Lock - Using MSP430

* Quadcopters - example: Quadcopter FPV Testflight (Crappy camera atm)

* Game Ports to Linux Arm - example: Crimson Fields port for Pandora

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New Project, MarkoeZ is going to Fly!
More on that in a future post though, and corresponding Project Page.

First, since the next project will be based on Arduino/ATMega, and i have no experience with that, i decided to get an Arduino Uno.
The guys at Farnell (supplier of electronic components, dev kits, etc) noticed my blog, so they sponsored the Arduino Uno! (Thanks Farnell!)
They probably found it through the Hackaday Feature: Thanks Hackaday!
[/end thanks_section:-]

So i have no experience, and an Arduino Uno. Building time! :). First downloaded the software from www.arduino.cc. Then i went through my parts, and found a 5 volt, HD44780 compatible LCD display i ordered off ebay, and had not tested yet. 
The Arduino site has a very useful tutorial on connecting the module (need to register first), and LCD Library is provided with the IDE.

The standard example code only displayed a static text though, and thats just boring. So i added some movement to the initial text, a tactile switch and a resistor to the circuit for state selection, and the appropriate code. 

Click on "Full Post" for more details, parts list and very rough code (simple schematic will be added)

First, the Video Overview. Nothing ground shaking yet, only the camera :P Just a quick first look at the Uno, and the LCD module tests:

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Led Display from Worklamp - Part 4

Posted by admin on February 24, 2012

Another Update:

I now have basic serial communication working!
No control codes yet, like wipe, backspace, etc, but the receiving and processing part works, so should not be an issue.

Next To Do: Those controlcodes, and serial graphics..

For now, a video of the first communication tests. And click on full blog post for links to the earlier posts, with a more extensive explanation of the workings, and a component overview. My Homebrewn MSP430 code will follow once its a bit cleaned up and commented

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DIY MSP430 Ledscreen - Part 3

Posted by admin on January 31, 2012

Welcome back!

For those that read the last post, the test setup there eventually lasted for 3 months. But by that time only readable in the dark. Still pretty impressive.
But since it could not serve its purpose anymore, i figured i might as well kill it and continue development.

So first of all i added the LED panel i still had ready. Soldered a connector to the board and glued/soldered the panel to the other two, and voila:

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