This is my Blog and Projects site. The blog has msp430 microcontroller writeups, a description of the pandora video out port, some image collections, and some more. (although not updated for a while). 

My projects can be listed in these categories:

* Game Development and Programming - example: Panjoust Development Video, Youtube

* Microcontroller Projects - example: Bluetooth Front Door Lock - Using MSP430

* Quadcopters - example: Quadcopter FPV Testflight (Crappy camera atm)

* Game Ports to Linux Arm - example: Crimson Fields port for Pandora

If you have questions, additions, comments or constructive critics: don't hesitate to mail me @ markoez dot com (copy and remove spaces works) or post in the topic itself


Notch announced his new game: 0x10c. A space game. With a fully functional cpu, the DCPU-16,  controlling the ship, for the hardware geeks, but also full modelling of the ship itself, the interior, and probably even planet surfaces. That and ship raids, planet wars, and probably more fun stuff!

I like the concept so much i created a Dutch Forum for it, with a focus on the Programming and Modelling Aspects: www.dcpu-16.nl or www.dcpu16forum.nl

If you can read Dutch, English replies are welcome.


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I received my test electronics yesterday, and went to play with them this afternoon.

First issue was: I dont have any Transmitter/Receiver equipment, or batteries. What i do have is lots of old electronics equipment and an MSP430 Launchpad.
So using code written by Rob_G from the 43oh.com forums, the Nunchuck Analog stick i desoldered from the board, an ATX (PC) Power supply, and some cut hard drive ide cables stripped and cut to size, i created my own Receiver Signal Generator. With this i can test the hardware, but also reconfigure my ESC's, or test the MultiWii Software once i added a channel

As always, code and parts in the full post, but first, a video:

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Ok, no more hiding it, the YouTube video's are clear enough.

I'm going to build a quadcopter!


Project Overview

The goal is to create a fully functional QuadCopter, running on the Arduino Based MultiWii Software (Using the Arduino Uno for testing). Using the Gyroscope and Accelerometer from respectively a Wii Motion Plus, and a Nunchuck. Common R/C transmission and control hardware will be used in the initial build. After that i have further plans for the quad, but thats a different project.
If you are not going to build a flying machine, but want stabilisation for a different reason, you might be able to extract code that is useful for getting the i2c data. 

Gathering Sensors

There is an instruction attached again to this post: i will walk through the process of stripping the Sensor Boards from the MultiWii, and nunchuck, attaching them together, and creating a small sensor package to attach to the arduino.

Check that in the Full Post, Also Parts list, and more Video's!

First, A Sensor Parts Overview:

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